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re echoe〓d by Xie. "I ○was exhaus◆ted in the second ○set so I could n○ot catch up Lu's ●speed," said Xi●e. "We st

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ill stand● a chance (●of winning the ch○ampion) in the foll●owing matches."200◆4 Athens Olympic Ch◆ampion Yang W〓ei pai

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red up wi◆th young shuttl■er Zhong Qianxin◆, ranked 6●8th in world ●women's dou◆bles, and p●ulled one point〓 b

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ack for Guangdon■g as they took dow◆n Tang Jinhua◆ and Tan Wen 21-18,◆ 21-12.Yang downpl○ayed Guangdong's wi■nning prospec○ts, saying t■hat Guangdong was ●weaker than Jiangsu◆ in terms of overa●ll strength."T●he three s○ingles play◆ers of Jiangsu hav●e comparat●ively

higher w■orld rankings〓," said Yang. "But◆ we have only one ●strong doubles pair ●(she and Zhang Jie●wen). But ●in the team com○petition Zhang◆ and I are ○experienced shu●ttlers so ●we have to pa■ir other player●s to make Guang●dong stronger.〓 Zhong's performance◆ is excellent t●oday.""This i●s is my f

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